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B2B marketplace

Sell and buy goods in bulk from all over Europe

BigArena B2B marketplace is a large-scale online wholesale platform designed for the purchase and sale of goods by wholesalers in Bulgaria and Europe.

The best thing is that registration is absolutely free and the possibilities are unlimited.

Do you want to sell or buy goods in bulk from all over Europe?

Follow a few easy steps and get started now

1. Registration

The account you receive when registering in the BigArena B2B wholesale marketplace is a kind of portal through which you will easily and quickly find potential buyers of your product. In addition, you have the opportunity to make contact with traders from all over Europe who offer goods of interest to you.

* Registration is completely free .

Visit the platform: www.B2B.BigArena.eu

2. Upload products

Adding items is extremely quick and easy - via a CSV file, via XML or Manually through your account.

They are sorted by category automatically, and the place they occupy in a particular category depends entirely on the rating they reach and the frequency of their search by users.

3. Transactions

Communication, price negotiation and execution of transactions take place online in person between the trader and the buyer through the wholesale platform - BigArena Marketplace.

BigArena Marketplace

  • There is no participation in the agreements between you and your customers / suppliers, but it guarantees security when you use the BigArena Trade Assurance (BTA) payment method.
  • We do not take responsibility for the transport of your goods , except when the payment has passed through our security system BigArena Trade Assurance (BTA).
  • There are no requirements and restrictions for the type of goods you want to offer, as long as they are legally sound and with the necessary permits for sale.