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What are the advantages?
  • Flawless packaging of all orders.
  • Software tailored to your needs.
  • Preferential prices from local couriers.
  • A warehouse in Bulgaria, Serbia and Slovakia.
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Fulfillment Services
How can we be of help?

All your orders will be fulfilled in time, without the need to manage a warehouse or hire additional staff.

  • Same day packaging of all your orders.
  • Accurate stock availability in real-time.
  • Worldwide delivery with local couriers.
  • Guaranteed flawless packaging.
  • Reduced storage and equipment costs.
  • Certified warehouse class "A" of the BFSA for storing food and organic food.
  • Refrigerated zone used to store temperature-sensitive goods.
  • Automated analysis of all successfully delivered and returned orders.
  • Integration with all web platforms.
  • Monthly automated accounting report.
  • Providing an electronic audit file.
  • Issuance of electronic receipts (ECB).

Our Services

Warehouse storage

Fulfillment warehouse storage

Come on site and see for yourself the impressive not only in area but also in functionality modern warehouse we have. Take advantage of our exclusive prices, which are calculated entirely on the basis of the time spent and the spatial volume of your items and reduce the huge amount of your costs.

BigArena Fulfillment's two warehouses - in Bulgaria and Serbia are certified by the BFSA for storage of beverages, food and food additives without temperature control.

Warehouse management

Pick Pack & Ship management

We take full responsibility and take care of the receipt, labeling, counting and storage of your goods. You have the opportunity to send your goods directly to us from your dealer. Whether it is a container, truck or bus, we accept your delivery and move on to the following stages: unloading, counting, measuring the volume, sorting, racking, checking and separating in case of visible factory defects of your goods.

Shipment processing

Shipment processing

Thanks to our specialized warehousing software , errors in packaging and handling of shipments are unacceptable.

Confirmation of orders by phone

Using this option will minimize the number of returned shipments. The service is valid for any language of all countries to which we offer delivery.



Delivery to Bulgaria : Taking advantage of our preferential delivery prices , you will save extra costs.

Delivery to 26 European countries : Romania, Greece, Austria, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Monaco, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Estonia, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic.

BigArena fulfillment is a great solution for you if you want to discover new markets .

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More about the fulfilment service:

Whether you are thinking of starting an e-commerce business and you are new to this endeavor, or have been selling products for some time, you have probably been thinking about storing your products, delivering and executing orders. Of course, making money is the exciting part, but what happens after a customer places an order in your online store? Somehow your product needs to be in the hands of customers. There are three main ways to do this:

  • You send the products to a company that will fulfill the orders for you.
  • You fulfill your own orders, whether you are alone or with a team.
  • You work with a logistics company that will handle your warehousing and order fulfillment.

E-commerce has become even more popular in the last few years. In 2019, 14.1% of all sales were made online, which equates to a turnover of $ 3.5 trillion. The trend is that by 2023 online sales will reach a share of 22% of all sales. In the times we live in, many people have reoriented themselves to online commerce so that their business can survive. The successful process of an e-sale goes through choosing the right product, its adequate market positioning, reaching the desired audience of customers, the sale of the product and the final, preparation of the shipment and delivery to the customer. Larger industries have the resources to use the services of third parties, but smaller companies may not have this opportunity.

There are clear benefits to packaging and delivering your own orders yourself: the most flexible and inexpensive method. For these reasons, start-ups and those that are already established and have a large number of packages for packaging and delivery often choose to handle their own logistics on their own.

But if your business is growing rapidly and have the money for this service may be interested in our fulfilmant service for warehousing and order fulfillment . There are many logistics companies that will store your product and take care of the packaging and delivery of your products. Working with logistics companies can be daunting if you've never done it before. In this line of thought, we will introduce you through each step of the process.

What is the Fulfillment service

The Fulfillment service is a warehouse of third parties who prepare and send your orders for you. The work is done by the fulfillment center for implementation. The services they offer are ideal for companies that do not want to deal with foreign deliveries or have outgrown their existing warehousing capabilities to the point where they can no longer send orders.

In other words, the fulfilment service represents the whole process of servicing an e-shop. It includes all stages from the acceptance of orders, through their processing, storage, packaging and delivery to the end user.

What are the main activities included in the fulfillment service ?

Although each execution center works a little differently, they all achieve the same thing: they act as a command center for all your shipment preparation and delivery needs. Fulfillment service centers are also used as warehouses for storing goods, which allows you to hold larger stocks of the product.

Some service providers have multiple execution centers, which allows them to serve different geographic locations faster than if they had only one. This allows e-commerce companies to offer fast and affordable delivery to a diverse customer base. But the services include not only that, but also:

  • Accepting orders
  • Preparation of a list with the elements of the order
  • Packaging of all elements according to the standards of the e-shop
  • Inspection and processing of returned shipments
  • Collect all items from the warehouse
  • Sorting / sending shipments in Bulgaria and abroad
  • Preparation of bills of lading, issuance of other accompanying documents to each individual shipment
  • Request and delivery by courier

Or the activities can be described in 3 steps:

  • Storage

Fulfillment companies start from the same point - the logical storage of products. This is a real sign of reliability for the name of online stores, if the ordered products are received within the promised time.

  • Order processing

There are many ways to receive a customer order. Order information can be recorded by a sales agent, collected in the web store or obtained through a publication. Next is finding the items ordered in the warehouse. With the e-commerce model, this is facilitated if the company maintains its online inventories as well as offers active accounts to its customers.

Then the ordered items must be packed for delivery to the correct address and customers must be notified when orders are on the way.

  • Return and exchange policies

Once a satisfied customer receives the ordered product, this order can be considered "fulfilled", but what happens when the customer is not satisfied? Return and exchange policies are becoming important at this point. Fulfillment companies executing the order continue to solve problems for the benefit of both the customer and the seller. When customers want to return or exchange items, the ordering company also takes care of this. The order fulfillment process is really the basis of customer satisfaction and business growth.

Fulfillment Price?

Services are usually charged per hour or per shipment / pallet. Providers add costs for receipt, storage, selection and packaging, delivery, return, custom packaging, gift services and more. Most companies then apply transactional (eg, receive, deliver) and recurring (eg, storage fees) fees. But each fee is different, according to which shipment will be delivered and which company will perform the delivery.

3 reasons / benefits why should you choose Fulfilment for your online store?

1. Seasonal flexibility

According to the National Retail Federation, nearly 20 percent of all annual retail sales take place between November 1st and December 31st.

With so much seasonal trading, even e-commerce retailers with years of experience often find that they need to attract temporary workers or invest in new capital equipment to be quick with their orders.

Fulfillment order fulfillment allows retailers to avoid the need to hire and train interns or buy new machines or the like. Instead, the retailer simply needs to ensure that the product is in stock and trust the service provider. In this way, the trader has full seasonal flexibility. When holiday sales pile up, the performance service drives the drastic jump.

2. Lower delivery costs

Free shipping is an extremely popular marketing tool. Whether traders bear the cost of transport to offer free delivery or pass these costs on to consumers, it makes sense to do everything possible to reduce delivery costs.

With this in mind, using Fulfillment 's performance service company with warehouses spread across the country can help reduce the number of deliveries. Most parcel delivery services offer prices based - at least in part - on how far shipments travel. By placing inventory in several regional warehouses, retailers can reduce costs, which in turn can become a competitive advantage.

3. You reach new markets

Online retailers can also use delivery services to expand their business to new markets without having to invest in infrastructure or many additional employees. And so over time you can sell your products in new foreign countries!

In this article you will learn:

  • What is e-commerce fulfillment?
  • What do fulfillment services include and why are they important?
  • How do you know when it's time to hire a fulfillment company to support e-commerce?
  • Advantages of assigning e-commerce to a fulfillment partner

The success of your online business depends on many factors that are not always visible to customers. Although the execution of orders involves processes that do not look as glamorous as the marketing and brand of the company, they are no less important.

Choosing the right fulfillment partner will help your online business grow easily. This way you will ensure professional product management, quality service to your customers and execution of orders by an experienced team.

This material will inform you about everything you need to know when it comes to order fulfillment.

What is e-commerce fulfillment?

First, let's understand what is fulfilment? This is simply put, outsourcing the logistics of your company, and this service includes everything: from warehousing and storage of products - to the implementation, distribution and delivery. Your partner providing fulfillment services can handle all the needs related to the execution of online orders .

At the moment when the order from the online store is completed, your fulfillment partner has the task to make sure that it is delivered to the customer without any problems and on time. There can be many twists and turns along the way, so the right implementation strategy must be prepared individually for each business.

What do fulfillment services include and why are they important?

In general, the execution of the order includes:

  • Receipt of the goods
  • Inventory storage and forecasting
  • Collection and packaging (also known as order processing)
  • Assembly and packaging products (if applicable)
  • Delivery
  • Return orders

The fulfillment of the order is extremely important - without it e-commerce would not exist - after all, customers buy products with the expectation to receive the order in a reasonable time. It depends on how successful your business will be in the long run.

How do you know when it's time to hire a fulfillment company to support e-commerce?

When you find that you no longer have the time or resources to carry out your orders on your own, it is time to contact a company to assign these tasks. At first glance, it may seem great that your company is growing at such a pace and that you have more orders than you can handle on your own. However, this moment of victory can quickly turn into a moment of chaos if there is a delay in the execution of what your customers have ordered.

A company with experience in fulfillment services will save you time and money, while supporting the entire execution process with modern warehouse management technology. If you hire such a company, you do not need a warehouse to store and ship your products or to hire employees to help you. You will be able to free up space in your home or garage, because your inventory will now be stored in a safe and secure storage room. The fulfillment service provider has special order management systems and automation for inventory optimization.

Advantages of assigning e-commerce to a fulfillment partner

A reliable order fulfillment service provider will be able to provide your company with these benefits:

  • Flexibility and scalability

The Fulfillment Partner will have enough space for your inventory and the ability to scale seamlessly as your business grows.

  • Hiring an experienced company

A good company offering fulfillment services can offer specific solutions and strategies to increase the success of your business. You can also get specialized tips to improve the customer experience.

  • Without renting a warehouse and hiring employees

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a company offering fulfillment services is that it saves a lot of your responsibilities. You will not have to commit to either renting storage and packaging facilities or hiring staff. Some of the fulfillment services include the use of warehouses and experienced professionals who specialize in the execution of orders.

  • World-class infrastructure and technologies

The providers of quality fulfillment services have an optimal infrastructure and reliable technology, which guarantee the smooth running of the order fulfillment processes. Using these systems can help you manage your inverter and get real-time information about the status of your orders.

  • Specialized account management and customer service

Although automated systems are definitely needed, quality customer service by on-line specialists is essential. Having an account manager dedicated to their maintenance and order tracking will provide you with peace of mind and security.

  • Reduced delivery costs

By using the distribution network of fulfillment service providers, you can get lower offers and reduced delivery costs.

Using fulfillment services will not only help you organize all the logistics of your online business without the need to actively participate in this process. You can save time, reduce order fulfillment costs and improve the customer experience.

All this can take your business to another level and reach new and large markets. We, from Bigarena Fulfillment , offer everything you need for the quality execution of orders.

3. Advantages of the fulfilment service

The term fulfilment comes from the English language and represents the process of storing, packaging and executing orders in an online store from a logistics partner.

As online shopping and e-commerce begin to grow significantly more than physical, it is becoming increasingly important for e-commerce logistics to be automated, expeditious, and cost-effective.

Using fulfillment services is a great option for any online business, both for start-ups and those with many years of experience. In both cases, your partnership with a fulfillment operator will help optimize your time, costs and increase the number of your loyal customers.

In recent years, Fulfillment in Bulgaria has become an increasingly popular service precisely because of its many benefits.

Price of Fulfillment services in Bulgaria?

Fulfillment fees are divided into several different categories.

  • Pallet area. When each item is posted to our warehouse, we measure its size, after which our warehouse software automatically multiplies the size by availability and so we understand what space your product actually takes up. When selling the items, the occupied volume also decreases. In order to optimize your costs and not pay for air, the storage fee is formulated on a daily basis in software, without human intervention.
  • Packaging area. This is the area for fast packing of your shipments. It is constructed of racks with special sections, where each unique item takes its position. Each of them is paid and has a barcode that ensures the prevention of packaging errors.
  • Packing fee. It varies according to the average number of shipments you make per month. And the best part is that you pay this rate only when you have shipments. Which again saves you financial resources.
  • Delivery. Thanks to the huge volume of shipments that we sell daily, working with us you will receive the maximum discounts on courier prices, both for Bulgaria and for Europe.

Our fulfillment services will save you costs and most of all time to spend on yourself and the more important parts of your business. Get a personalized offer by filling out the following survey . Our employee will contact you within the same business day.

What are the advantages of Fulfillment services?

Expand your business to new countries.

Starting your business in as many countries as possible is a great opportunity. Many online retailers have difficulty due to lack of time to research the markets and get good delivery prices. With our Fulfillment services you will be able to sell all over the world without having to take any action. We will store, ship and track each shipment.

Sounds great, right?

Welcome to Fulfillment our warehouse , which is located in Plovdiv at Golyamokonarsko Shosse 29, to discuss how we can be useful to you.

And now a little more about the advantages of working with us Fulfillment, Fulfillment warehousing and handling of shipments :

  • Storage of goods

Many companies have problems storing their goods and have to make exhausting audits to know the availability of their products. We have a large-scale and impressive with its functionality modern warehouse base class "A", in which your inventory will always be well organized and in real time, even through your phone you will be able to monitor your stock.

Interesting is the fact that Fulfillment Services is so widespread worldwide that most retailers enter into contracts with Fulfillment partners even before starting their online business.

  • Acceptance and processing of orders

As mentioned above, our fulfillment service is suitable for both start-ups and established online retailers. Why?

Beginners certainly cope with the execution of their orders, but they can not get courier discounts, which we can give them regardless of the number of shipments they sell. This is a great prerequisite for them to start partnering with us from the very beginning.

For advanced online retailers, we are a great option that helps for faster and more stable development in any direction. With the huge volume of shipments, the quality and speed of execution fall, and this inevitably leads to a loss of customers. Here our role is extremely important for the reputation and attracting long-term loyal customers. Therefore, using fulfillment companies , you will be able to maintain the necessary for each business a good image and professionalism.

You will always be ahead of your competitors, and this is the desire of every entrepreneur.

  • Receipt and processing of returned shipments

In addition to the delivery and storage of your goods, we also offer acceptance and processing of returned orders . Another burden you can get rid of without thinking. We will make sure that if a customer returns your shipment, we will notify you, process it and return it to the warehouse as quickly and efficiently as possible, so that both you and the customer can be satisfied.

  • Expedition of orders and work with couriers

BigArena Fulfillment Center works with trusted couriers from around the world. No matter where in the world you send, your shipments will be tracked. For us, this is a prerequisite to ensure security and transparency in the processes of our customers.

  • Additional accompanying activities

The focus of our activity is logistics, but in order to be even more supportive of you, online retailers also have additional optional services.

Call center - Confirmation of orders by phone is a useful service as it reduces the percentage of returned shipments.

Dynamic Facebook advertising - Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of online commerce, we still maintain a team of professionals who know how not just to advertise, but to sell online.

Business consultation - no matter what questions you have, we are here to talk and share our knowledge in this area. We offer live and online consultations by appointment.

  • Full accountability

Definitely our biggest advantage over other fulfillment centers in the country is our own warehouse software.

By minimizing the human factor in logistics, we reduce the possibility of making any mistakes. The more automated the processes are technologically, the higher the quality of the service. It is all our efforts that are in this direction. Fulfillment services can do more than even you can do for your business.

Contact us now. We are expecting you.

What is the process of starting to work with us?

1. Contact
Send an inquiry or call the listed phones. After contacting us, you will receive professional service and advice on all topics and issues that interest you.
In order to prepare the best personal offer we need to receive detailed information about the specifics and needs of your business. The main thing An advantage that distinguishes us is the fact that we are always looking for the optimal good solution for both parties and we offer relevant and flexible price terms.
After the preparation of the contract we always give the client a sample version, which is subject to comment and corrections. When the conditions of both parties are met, we formally enter into a contractual relationship.
By synchronizing your site with our BigArena Cloud software, you will get access to an account where you will be able to track in real-time all actions related to the implementation of fulfilment the service. Once you log in to your account, a dashboard page will open in front of you management. It contains all the tools you need to navigating the processes related to fulfillment services.
When refilling at the BigArena warehouse, you must create a request through the BigArena Fulfillment management account provided to you. By creating a request, we will accept your goods, count and position them on our positions, ready for order processing.
This is the final stage of the start-up process. It usually doesn't take more than 48 hours.
Once we have gone through each step we do a final check of all the details and we are ready to start the activity.
The process of working with us is maximally optimized. When the occurrence of any questions you will have at our disposal our employee who will be at your disposal absolutely every day, even outside working hours. This gives great security to our customers.
Together we can do more, we are waiting for you!