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Services for online merchants

BigArena takes care of all the processes involved in fulfilling online orders: warehousing, packing, shipping and handling returned shipments.

Our strategically located warehouses in Bulgaria, Serbia and Slovakia make
Europe-wide sales possible.

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Why partner with us?

Our mission is to support online retailers by taking care of all the logistics processes and free up their time to grow their brand.


Pack and ship all orders on the same business day.

Customized packing to your standard.

Video recording of each packed shipment.


Warehouse locations in three key countries - Bulgaria, Serbia and Slovakia.

Costs for staff and warehouse management are eliminated.

You don't pay for empty space in the warehouse, only for the volume used.


Software with full transparency and real-time order traceability.

Integration with over 15 couriers with worldwide deliveries.

Analysis of shipments successfully delivered, returned or reclamation orders.

Years of experience+
Shipments processed per day+
Online stores+

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Our warehouses locations

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  • Serbia belgrad




  • Serbia belgrad



Direct Linehaul

Direct Linehaul

Deliver your parcels to Romania in one day!

BigArena Fulfillment launched a 1-Day delivery line to local couriers in Romania.

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Your online store logistics is just a click away.

BigArena has developed flexible fulfillment software for order processing that automates processes and eliminates picking and packing errors.

The system allows you to keep up with stock availability and orders, wherever you are - from a computer or mobile device.

You have real-time information and control over your orders and their current status: packed, delivered, returned.

What else you will get:

  • Successfully deliveries, returns or complaints analysis
  • Video recording of each packed shipment
  • Automated accounting report
  • Creation of audit file
  • Issuance of electronic receipts
Integration Integration

Integration with your platform

Seamless integration is a key factor when outsourcing your logistics to a professional fulfillment center.

With proper communication between your system and BigArena's, you will be sure that all orders, addresses, statuses and availability info is transmitted accurately.

Nowadays, you have the opportunity to sell from multiple platforms, that's why BigArena Fulfillment has ready-made integrations for the most popular E-commerce platforms, as well as its own API for each custom system.

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Our fulfillment experts are always pleased to answer all of your questions about outsourced logistics and BigArena services.

(+359) 877 777 919


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What is the process to get started with us?

Send us an inquiry or call us at the following numbers. Once you contact us, you will receive professional service and consultation on all topics and issues that interest you.

In order to make the best personal offer, we need to get detailed information about the specifics and needs of your business. The main advantage we stand out for is the fact that we always look for an optimal good solution for both sides. This is why we offer relevant and flexible price conditions.

Once the contract is signed, we officially begin our work together.

By synchronizing your website with our BigArena Cloud software, you will gain access to an account. In this way, you will be able to monitor in real time all activities related to the implementation of the fulfillment service. As soon as you log in to your account a dashboard page will open in front of you. It contains all the tools you need to navigate the processes related to the fullfillment services.

When making a delivery to the BigArena warehouse, you must create a request through the provided BigArena Fulfillment Bulgaria management account. By creating a request, we will accept the items, then count and position them in our positions ready for order processing.

This is the final stage in the process of starting work. It usually takes no more than 48 hours.

Once we have gone through each step, we make a final check of all the details and are ready to start the process.

The process of working with us is as streamlined as possible. If any questions arise, our fullfilment experts are always available. This gives our clients a great deal of security.

Advantages of the fullfillment service

The term "fulfillment" comes from the English language and is the process of storing, packing and processing online store orders by a logistics partner.

Outsourced logistics is a suitable service for both start-ups and online stores with years of experience that want to optimize their time and costs.

What is the cost of this type of activity in Bulgaria?

The fees for fullfilming are divided into several different categories.

Pallet area: When receiving items in our warehouse, we measure them, and afterwards the software automatically calculates the space it will take up. As the items are sold, the occupied volume drops. To avoid paying for air, the warehouse fee is formulated on a daily basis by software, without human intervention.

Packing area: It is constructed of stacking shelves with special sections where each unique item occupies its own position. Each one of them is paid and has a barcode that ensures the prevention of packing errors.

Packaging fee: Varies according to the average number of shipments you make per month. And best of all, you only pay this fee when you have shipments.

Delivery: Thanks to the huge volume of shipments we realize every day, working with us you will get the maximum discounts on courier rates, both for Bulgaria and Europe.

What are the advantages of Fulfillment services?

Expanding business into new countries.

Getting your business into as many countries as possible is a great opportunity. Many online retailers struggle due to lack of time to research markets and get good shipping prices. With our fulfillment offerings, you'll be able to sell all over the world while we store, ship, and track every single shipment.

Storage of products

We have a modern class "A" warehouse where your inventory will always be well organized and you can check your stock in real time, even over the phone.

Accepting and processing orders

As mentioned above our fulfilment service is suitable for both start-ups and established online retailers. Why?

For advanced online sellers - with the huge volume of shipments, the quality and speed of fulfillment drops, and this leads to loss of customers. This is where our role is very important for reputation and attracting long-term loyal customers.

Receiving and processing returned packages

In addition to shipping and warehousing your products, we also accept and process returned orders. We will make sure that if a customer returns a shipment we notify you, process and return the items to stock as quickly as possible.

Beginners certainly get by with processing their orders, but they cannot get courier discounts like we can give them, regardless of the number of shipments they realize. This is a great reason for them to start partnering with us right from the start.

Shipping orders and working with couriers

BigArena Fulfillment Center works with trusted couriers from around the world. No matter where in the world you ship to, your packages will be tracked.

Additional accompanying activities

Call center – Order confirmation by phone is a useful service as it reduces the percentage of returned shipments.

Digital Marketing – Thanks to our years of experience in online marketing, we still maintain a team of specialists who know how to not just advertise, but sell online.

Business Consultation – No matter what questions you have, we're here to answer. We offer in-person and online consultations with advance appointments.

Our biggest advantage over other fulfillment centers in the country is our custom warehouse software.

The more automated the processes are technologically, the higher the quality of service. All our efforts are exactly in this direction.