How to improve customer satisfaction when processing online orders?

Learn how you can improve the processing of your online orders and thus win more satisfied customers.

In physical stores, there are really many prerequisites that help build a more personal customer experience with the brand. But what happens when you have an online store and you do not have direct communication with customers? How to build a positive image of your brand and make consumers shop with you again?

There are various strategies that retailers apply to gain more satisfied customers and thus increase their profits . What every online business business owner should strive for is a clear and specific strategy aimed at a good customer experience. For this strategy to be successful, retailers must be aware that from the first experience with the brand, the processing of the order must be correct and professional, so that the customer can remain satisfied and loyal in the long run.

Happy customers will not only bring satisfaction to the trader himself, but are also proven to be more willing to share their experience with their loved ones and recommend the brand if they were satisfied. And there really is no better advertisement than the recommendation!

One proven way to win many satisfied customers is by assigning tasks to fulfill orders at a fulfillment center . Here we will look at how working with a fulfillment partner will help improve the customer experience with your brand.

How does the fulfillment service work for your online business?

You save more time planning the right business strategy

When you choose to work with a fulfillment partner , you will be able to make the necessary predictions and plan in time the loading of the items that are sold out. At the same time, you will be able to monitor all the processes of online order processing and focus more on what customers are looking for, what their habits and actions are. You can leave the storage, collection, packaging and shipping to the professionals working in the fulfillment center , and you have more time to consider and implement your marketing strategies.

Your 3PL provider will help you with seamless customer service

In online commerce there is a lot of competition that you will have to deal with by providing a unique product, but also quality customer service. Third-party logistics service providers (3PL) have state-of-the-art management systems that ensure security and order fulfillment. As the market supply is large and customers are increasingly demanding, if you want to win them, you have to meet their expectations. The 3PL supplier takes care of your inventory, which helps you save time and costs, and this will greatly facilitate you.


One of the biggest advantages of working with a 3PL supplier is that you can rest assured that the packaging and preparation of the shipment, as well as the inspection of the items in case of visible factory defects will be performed qualitatively. Customers expect to receive the product they have ordered in perfect condition, and if this is complemented by beautiful packaging, you can be sure that you will stand out from your competitors. If the filling center offers custom packaging, although it is more expensive than usual, it is good to consider whether to choose this service, as it will help build your brand. 

The time is yours!

As you may have guessed, the other key factor on which customer satisfaction depends is the time it will take to receive your order. 3PL suppliers usually provide the option of performing expedited delivery and additional delivery options at preferential prices, so you can save not only time and money, but also stress, because you do not need to think about whether the shipment will arrive at time.

Reduce storage costs

Thanks to the fulfillment center you will be able to save a lot of costs for renting a warehouse, hiring staff, etc. You can optimize these savings and offer a better price to your customers, so, of course, they will be more satisfied and the probability of preferring your brand increases again.

Full transparency and correctness of orders

Another important thing that you can rest assured will be the correct reflection of the availability of your items. You can be sure that the information in your online store will be correct and updated in real time. 

Meet the needs and requirements of customers

According to market research, about 65% of consumers do not repeat their purchase of a brand if their first experience was negative. This shows how high requirements customers have. To meet their needs and cope with the great competition, you will need a truly reliable fulfillment partner to help you grow. 

Even if this involves additional costs, by choosing a supplier, you can entrust a huge and time-consuming part of the order fulfillment process to professionals with experience in the field. This will allow you to be more flexible, more relaxed and even end up saving a lot of labor, storage, delivery and more. 

Some fulfillment service providers also offer a call center to take over customer service so you can fully manage your time and scale your business. This is extremely important, especially during the peak months, when people shop en masse.

Trust a proven company to implement 3PL

Choosing a company to partner with is essential. A good fulfillment service provider will always be there for you to help you deal with any difficulties along the way and will do everything possible to help you grow your business with ease. 

We at BigArena Fulfillment know how important it is for any online business owner to be able to trust professionals who understand their needs and work for maximum results. In our face you will find the support you need to grow your business and win many satisfied customers.