Salvation for the Bulgarian online trade

In these troubled times, the only ray of light lies in unity and mutual aid . We are facing a situation in which, in order to protect ourselves, our neighbors and our business, we simply need to be human.

The economic collapse is a fact, and the fear of the unknown is felt with each breath. Until yesterday we were free to take risks, and today we need to be responsible by helping each other. Days ago, your sales were at their peak, and today you don't know where to go? We know the direction - it's called empathy .

According to the order of the Ministry of Health, the BigArena fulfillment center continues to work in order to maintain the economic balance in the field of Bulgarian online trade.

Our team united in the cause of helping all online merchants in the difficult task of saving their business by unanimously deciding to maximize their fees.

How in particular can we be useful to you?

As a fulfillment operator, we will take full care of the acceptance, inspection, accounting, storage and delivery of the goods to your end customer.

This will allow you to manage your business from home by minimizing costs and protecting both your own and the health of your staff.

All you need to do is synchronize your online store with our specialized software platform. Through it in real time you will be able to monitor all related and current processes.

Our service includes full transparency and legal accountability. Responsibility and loyalty are our duty at this time and we strongly believe that together we will do better.

Contact us by sending an inquiry in the contacts column or by calling the indicated telephone numbers. We will be happy to answer all your questions and give you the best advice.

Take care and be healthy!

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