The only way to keep our business in times of crisis

The corona virus has severely affected not only the human species but also the global economy. The pandemic is at the heart of unlocking the global financial crisis predicted by economists for at least two years. Stock markets around the world registered solid declines. Many international companies have reported that the epidemic has resulted in horrific financial losses. Businesses have realized how fragile the global manufacturing system is. Hard times have come for both the world and Bulgaria. It is naive to believe that everything will be the same after we register the last one healed. Now is the time to mobilize and protect both our health and our livelihood.

How to save our business during a crisis?

Reduce your costs. A few days ago, our society had reached its peak of consumption. This fact is already in the past. It is time to weed out and leave only the vital costs for the operation of our business.

Adjust. There is no way to change the situation. The only thing that would help us is to realize that it will not get better soon, but rather get worse. That is why it is necessary not to reconcile and give up, but simply to adapt.

Depending on the field of your activity, the approaches may be different. Many global companies have reduced their production. Others have radically changed the focus of their sales. Be creative and try new and new options. Don't give in to fear - it will paralyze and slowly ruin your activity.

Reduce your staff. The recommendations of the Ministry of Health are to limit the concentration of many employees in one place, as well as their mandatory equipment with protective equipment. It is also indisputable that the artificial maintenance of staff during a crisis would not lead to anything good. Neither for the business, nor for your employees. Postponing serious measures increases the chances of a fatal outcome. Be loyal, but not without limits.

Accept help from the BigArena fulfillment center. As the largest and fastest growing logistics center in Bulgaria, we can not remain indifferent in this crisis situation for Bulgarian traders. The management of our company took the responsible decision to suspend all major fees for the use of our services to help protect the Bulgarian economy.

How can we be useful to you?

  • Complete logistics activity - storage, accounting, management, packaging and delivery of goods to your end customer. With us you will alleviate your costs for staff, warehouse and you will be able to easily invest your financial resources in the most important thing at the moment - in the production, advertising and finding a marketable product.
  • Opening new markets around the world in minutes.

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