Refrigerated storage area for your online business - the fulfillment partner who has thought of everything

Presently, food products play a huge role in online markets. They are rapidly climbing to the top positions of the best-selling categories. The increasingly strong online presence of various businesses means that food products also keep up with the trends.

Doing business with these products is a challenge, not only because of the supply but also because of the difficulties related to proper storage. There are several specifics that must be strictly observed, which we will talk about in this article. We address the issues that manufacturers face and present them with the best solution.

Where do the problems in food production come from?

We go back in time to look at problems from their roots. Years ago, as we all know, the food and beverage industry relied mainly on local sales and reselling products to the giants on the market. The creation of organic food, superfoods, and organic products relied on hard work and a lot of resources, the profit of which was often not enough. Thus, many businesses went out of business and turned to more mass production.

Keeping pace with the new technologies and the endless possibilities of the modern world, online trading has distinguished itself with tremendous growth for the markets. This enabled the production to reach many new customers. With just a few clicks, we can now buy quality honey, organic milk, or nutritional supplements and get them delivered to our door.

Small and large businesses are now taking advantage of the services of their online stores and growing their sales on an unprecedented scale. However, this also hides its difficulties. With the increase in the amount of work and production, the place to store the products is insufficient. The need for a large team of professionals is also beginning to be felt, and time is pressing because the workload related to packaging and sending orders is high.

How to deal with all this?

The best solution is to find the right fulfillment partner. Having its assistance, you will get the necessary time to develop your business, without wasting energy in handling orders and managing stock. You also will have an access to a team of specialists who will take care of your products. They will carry out the packing and sending of your products, which will reach your clients in due time.

Since we at BigArena Fulfillment take into account the specifics of your business, we would like to present you with everything you need. Facing the problems of our customers working with products that need temperature control, we have created a refrigerated storage area that meets all requirements.

Our partners can use a warehouse of the latest generation, maintaining a temperature of 4 degrees, where their products will be in perfect condition.

Our warehouse is certified by the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency and served by the best specialists to take care of the proper storage, packaging, and shipping of the items.

Choose a trusted partner

Trust in your fulfillment partner is of utmost importance to successful collaboration. We understand your concerns perfectly well and create solutions that cannot be found anywhere else.

As a manufacturer looking for fulfillment services, the first thing you will need is a place to properly store your products. BigArena is the only fulfillment center in Bulgaria that offers a specially designated refrigeration area.

In addition to the fact that the goods will be carefully arranged and stored in the most proper way, our customers will also have at hand a whole team of professionals that takes care of everything. We'll store, pack and ship your products, giving you the time to develop your business without unnecessary headaches.

You still have time to plan the right strategy for your business. 

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