Our logistics partnership with Ancestral Supersfoods

BigArena fulfillment serves logistically the Bulgarian brand Ancestral Supersfoods , which creates biofunctional foods - without a global equivalent .

It all started when our sales team contacted Zhivko Dzhamyarov & ndash; social entrepreneur and co-founder of Ancestral Superfoods.

After our first conversation, we realized that our views on life and business overlap.

He told us that his mission is to help people be healthier and live more naturally, through proper nutrition, physical and spiritual activity.

He told us about his products, which are mainly focused on maintaining a good intestinal flora, which, as we know, is the basis of the good functioning of the human body. Containing sprouted and fermented seeds & ndash; its formulas are still without equivalent on the world market for organic food.

The most inspiring thing about his brand is that everything before it is created and passed on to people has suffered by itself. His path to finding balance and a healthy life is fraught with a number of challenges related to his personal health. These difficulties, however, become a catalyst for his unwavering enthusiasm and desire to help people. Thus, he managed to co-establish the most meaningful project in his life - Ancestral Superfoods.

Obstacles, however, do not end there. In order to provide a completely satisfying user experience to his customers and followers, he knows that not only the quality of his products must be high, but also the quality of service of his online store .

Which in online commerce mainly depends on good logistics.

What does it include?

  • Exact stock information & ndash; If there is no precision in this unit & ndash; goods are difficult to manage and the risk of financial loss from missing products is high.
  • Tracking of batch number and expiration date of products. This is one of the mandatory legal conditions of the BFSA > for every food producer and seller. Careful monitoring of this process ensures security & ndash; both the end user and the trader.
  • Temporary execution of orders & ndash; Prompt execution of orders is of great importance for building loyalty and trust on the part of customers.
  • Error-free shipment & ndash; If you have ordered some items and completely different ones come, you will not be satisfied. That's why flawless packaging is key to the image of any online business.
  • Custom packaging & ndash; adding a small gift, handwritten messages and more creates added value to the product and contributes to the customer experience.

Familiar with all these specifics, Zhivko realizes that in order to continue to focus on his mission to create innovative products, there is no way to manage the difficult logistics part < / em> from your project.

That's why from the very beginning he decided to & bdquo; export & ldquo; these processes by trusting the fullfillment center , whose name we will not mention out of collegiality.

Unfortunately, after the start of their joint work, his disappointment came due to the discrepancy between what was promised and what was happening in practice.

At the very moment when the co-founder of Ancestral Superfoods was at a crossroads and slightly disillusioned with the value of our services, we met him.

There are no coincidences in life and his story inspired us to show him that there are centers in Bulgaria that can provide a world-class service.

To date, we are extremely happy to be able to meet all the logistics requirements of Ancsestral Superfoods on a daily basis. In addition, we support the delivery of their goods to retail and wholesale worldwide.

It is a real privilege for us to have the opportunity to support such valuable online businesses.
They are our inspiration. Because logistics is not just handing over shipments, but delivering by hand.
If you have identified yourself as Zhivko Dzhamyarov's supporters, you can join his Facebook community & bdquo; Tribe of Health > & ldquo; or browse his site.

If you need a trusted partner, you can send us an inquiry via our contact form, send an email or contact us by phone .

Because together we can do more!