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What do I need to do to get started?
Follow these steps: 
  1.  You register in the BigArena platform. 
  2.  You enter in the products you want to trade. 
  3.  You send the products to our warehouse. 
  4.  You make an order for writing off goods. 
  5.  We prepare the shipment and send it to your customer. 
  6.  You receive information about our actions in real time. 
  7.  You manage all processes in the online trading platforms only through your BigArena account (quantities, descriptions, images, publication, product prices, etc.). 
  8.  You have real-time access to all processes - available quantities, product prices, orders, sales history, accumulated sales, liabilities and more.
BigArena provides several key benefits that save time and resources: Reliability of deliveries - the goods are in our warehouse in Bulgaria. A professional team takes care of its storage, processing and sending to the buyer Short delivery times - up to 2 days for standard courier service and within 24 hours for express delivery. For comparison, sending from Bulgaria takes 7 - 10 days Low cost of delivery compared to sending a product from Bulgaria. You manage all processes from one place - your BigArena account and you have a look at the whole trading scheme European customers have more confidence in local suppliers and are willing to pay a higher price for one. Using BigArena, merchants are listed on Amazon and eBay as local for the market.
Yes. BigArena offers comprehensive support in preparing descriptions in different languages, according to the markets in which you want to sell. You need to have appropriate product images and descriptions in Bulgarian.
The returned goods are received in the warehouse and if only repackaging is needed, it is done on site and released for resale. If it is necessary to perform other activities that can be performed in the warehouse, they are performed. All other issues are discussed individually with the trader and follow his instructions.
1. If you offer dropshipping goods: - You have goods in one of our warehouses. - In your BigArena account you determine which products should be released for drop shipping - When you sell your product, you will receive information in your account about it. - Payment for a product sold is made after the period for returning the goods by the end customer. Payment is made to your bank account.  
  2. If you want to sell goods from drop shipping suppliers. - From your BigArena account you mark which goods you want to sell - If you have an account integrated into the system in some of the trading platforms you can automatically publish the product - After you receive an order, you give an order for discharge - You pay for the goods and services you will use - We prepare the goods and send it to your customer. The whole process is very easy and intuitive. Both sides of the process are not experiencing any difficulties.

* Do you have more questions that you can't find the answer to? Do not hesitate to contact us by phone (+359) 877 777 319 , as well as by email: office@bigarena.net

* We are at your disposal for more questions and assistance.