Everything you need to know about the filling service

How do fulfillment services work and what are their advantages for online trading?

In this article you will learn:

  • What is e-commerce fulfillment?
  • What do fulfillment services include and why are they important?
  • How do you know when it's time to hire a fulfillment company to support e-commerce?
  • Advantages of assigning e-commerce to a fulfillment partner

The success of your online business depends on many factors that are not always visible to customers. While order fulfillment involves processes that don't look as glamorous as the company's marketing and brand, they are no less important.

Choosing the right fulfillment partner will help your online business grow easily. This way you will ensure professional product management, quality service to your customers and execution of orders by an experienced team.

This material will inform you about everything you need to know when it comes to order fulfillment.

What is e-commerce fulfillment?

First, let's understand what is fulfilment? Simply put, this is an outsourcing of your company's logistics, and this service includes everything: from warehousing and storage of products - to the implementation, distribution and delivery. Your partner providing fulfillment services can handle all the needs related to the execution of online orders .

At the moment when the order from the online store is completed, your fulfillment partner has the task to make sure that it is delivered to the customer without any problems and on time. There can be many twists and turns along the way, so the right implementation strategy must be prepared individually for each business.

What do fulfillment services include and why are they important?

In general, the execution of the order includes:

  • Receipt of the goods
  • Inventory storage and forecasting
  • Collection and packaging (also known as order processing)
  • Assembly and packaging products (if applicable)
  • Delivery
  • Return orders

The fulfillment of the order is extremely important - without it e-commerce would not exist - after all, customers buy products with the expectation to receive the order in a reasonable time. It depends on how successful your business will be in the long run.

How do you know when it's time to hire a fulfillment company to support e-commerce?

When you find that you no longer have the time or resources to carry out your orders on your own, it is time to contact a company to assign these tasks. At first glance, it may seem great that your company is growing at such a pace and that you have more orders than you can handle on your own. However, this moment of victory can quickly turn into a moment of chaos if there is a delay in the execution of what your customers have ordered.

A company with experience in fulfillment services will save you time and money, while supporting the entire execution process with modern warehouse management technology. If you hire such a company, you do not need a warehouse to store and ship your products or hire employees to help you. You will be able to free up space in your home or garage, because your inventory will now be stored in a safe and secure storage room. The fulfillment service provider has special order management systems and automation for inventory optimization.

Advantages of assigning e-commerce to a fulfillment partner

A reliable order fulfillment service provider will be able to provide your company with these benefits:

  • Flexibility and scalability

The Fulfillment Partner will have enough space for your inventory and the ability to scale seamlessly as your business grows.

  • Hiring an experienced company

A good company offering fulfillment services can offer specific solutions and strategies to increase the success of your business. You can also get specialized tips to improve the customer experience.

  • No warehouse rental and hiring of employees 

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a full service company is that it saves a lot of your responsibilities. You will not have to commit to either renting storage and packaging facilities or hiring staff. Some of the fulfillment services include the use of warehouses and experienced professionals who specialize in the execution of orders.

  • World-class infrastructure and technologies

The providers of quality fulfillment services have an optimal infrastructure and reliable technology, which guarantee the smooth running of the order fulfillment processes. Using these systems can help you manage your inverter and get real-time information about the status of your orders.

  • Specialized account management and customer service 

Although automated systems are definitely needed, quality customer service by on-line specialists is essential. Having an account manager dedicated to their maintenance and tracking of orders will provide you with peace of mind and security.

  • Reduced delivery costs

By using the distribution network of fulfillment service providers, you can get lower offers and reduced delivery costs.

Using fulfillment services will not only help you organize all the logistics of your online business without the need to actively participate in this process. You can save time, reduce order fulfillment costs and improve the customer experience. 

All this can take your business to another level and reach new and large markets. We, from Bigarena Fulfillment , offer everything you need for the quality execution of orders. See more at our website for fulfilmant services .