Fulfillment - advantages?

Fulfiment , the new and most sought after service by online retailers in Bulgaria. Find out the essence and benefits in the following lines.

What does fulfilment mean?

The term fulfilment comes from the English language and represents the process of storing, packaging and executing orders in an online store from a logistics partner.

As online shopping and e-commerce begin to grow significantly more than physical, it is becoming increasingly important for e-commerce logistics to be automated, expeditious and cost-effective.

Using fulfillment services is a great option for any online business, both for start-ups and those with many years of experience. In both cases, your partnership with a fulfillment operator will help optimize your time, costs and increase the number of your loyal customers.

 In recent years, Fulfillment in Bulgaria has become an increasingly popular service precisely because of its many benefits.

Price of Fulfillment services in Bulgaria?

Fulfillment fees are divided into several different categories.

  • Pallet area. When each item is credited to our warehouse, we measure its size, after which our warehouse software automatically multiplies the size by availability and so we understand what space your product actually takes up. When selling the items, the occupied volume also decreases. In order to optimize your costs and not pay for air, the storage fee is formulated on a daily basis in software, without human intervention.
  • Packaging area. This is the area for fast packing of your shipments. It is constructed of racks with special sections, where each unique item takes its position. Each of them is paid and has a barcode that ensures the prevention of packaging errors.
  • Packing fee. It varies according to the average number of shipments you make per month. And the best part is that you pay this rate only when you have shipments. Which again saves you financial resources.
  • Delivery. Thanks to the huge volume of shipments that we sell daily, working with us you will receive the maximum discounts on courier prices for both Bulgaria and Europe.

Our fulfillment services will save you costs and most of all time to spend on yourself and the more important parts of your business. Get a personalized offer by filling out the following survey . Our employee will contact you within the same business day.

What are the advantages of Fulfillment services?

Expand your business to new countries. 

Starting your business in as many countries as possible is a great opportunity. Many online retailers have difficulty due to the lack of time to research the markets and get good delivery prices. With our Fulfillment services you will be able to sell all over the world without having to take any action. We will store, ship and track each shipment.

Sounds great, right?

Welcome to our Fulfillment warehouse , which is located in Plovdiv at Golyamokonarsko Shosse 29, to discuss how we can be useful to you.

And now a little more about the advantages of working with us Fulfillment, Fulfillment warehousing and shipment processing :

  • Storage of goods

Many companies have problems storing their goods and have to make exhausting audits to know the availability of their products. We have a large-scale and impressive with its functionality modern warehouse base class "A", in which your inventory will always be well organized and in real time, even through your phone you will be able to monitor your stock. 

Interesting is the fact that Fulfillment Services is so widespread worldwide that most retailers enter into contracts with Fulfillment partners before starting their online business. 

  • Acceptance and processing of orders

As mentioned above, our fulfillment service is suitable for both start-ups and established online retailers. Why?

Beginners certainly cope with the execution of their orders, but they can not get courier discounts, which we can give them regardless of the number of shipments they sell. This is a great prerequisite for them to start partnering with us from the very beginning.

For advanced online retailers, we are a great option that helps for faster and more stable development in any direction. With the huge volume of shipments, the quality and speed of execution fall, and this inevitably leads to a loss of customers. Here our role is extremely important for the reputation and attracting long-term loyal customers. Therefore, using fulfillment companies , you will be able to maintain the necessary for each business a good image and professionalism. 

You will always be ahead of your competitors, and this is the desire of every entrepreneur.

  • Receipt and processing of returned shipments

In addition to the delivery and storage of your goods, we also offer acceptance and processing of returned orders . Another burden you can get rid of without thinking. We will take care that if a customer returns your shipment, we will notify you, process it and return it to the warehouse as quickly and efficiently as possible, so that both you and the customer can be satisfied. 

  • Shipment of orders and work with couriers

BigArena Fulfillment Center works with trusted couriers from around the world. No matter where in the world you send, your shipments will be tracked. For us, this is a prerequisite to ensure security and transparency in the processes of our customers.

  • Additional accompanying activities

The focus of our activity is logistics, but in order to be even more supportive of you, online retailers have additional options.

Call center - Confirmation of orders by phone is a useful service as it reduces the percentage of returned shipments.

Dynamic Facebook advertising - Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of online commerce and to this day we maintain a team of professionals who know how not just to advertise but to sell online.

Business consultation - no matter what questions you have, we are here to talk and share our knowledge in this area. We offer live and online consultations by appointment.

  • Full accountability

Certainly our biggest advantage over other fulfillment centers in the country is our own storage software.

By minimizing the human factor in logistics, we reduce the possibility of making any mistakes. The more automated the processes are technologically, the higher the quality of the service. It is all our efforts that are in this direction. Fulfillment services can do more than even you can do for your business. 

Contact us now. We are expecting you. 

Use the fulfillment service .